Jan 132006

This tour of fieldwork locations in Mid Wales illustrates how it is possible to tether placemark images in Google Earth so they float above the ground, yet connect to the surface with a line.

The file is designed to be played as a Tour with the terrain turned on.

To make the placemarks I used thumbnail images from a Flickr photoset downloaded to my computer. The placemarks include a link to the larger version of the image. I tethered the placemarks to the ground in order to improve the fly-through. The technique was especially useful where two images were taken in virtually identical locations such as at the edge of the tarn at Cwm Cau.

To add images as placemarks, click the “Advanced” checkbox in the Edit Placemark dialogue box. Add the image in the “Style” tab by browsing to it’s location in the Icon file/URL entry box. See image below:

Image placemarkClick to enlarge

To make the placemark float as a tethered image click the “Location” tab, select “Relative to ground” and move the slider to float the placemark at the desired altitude. If you want to tether it using a line to the ground, check the “Draw lines connecting points to ground” box. See image below:

Tethered placemarkClick to enlarge