Mar 012006

I thought I’d post a Google Earth placemark created by Year 8 students as part of my lesson for visualizing a safer San Francisco. The placemark locates a suitable site for a new hospital. See previous post
New hospitalclick to enlarge

Lots of placemarks were created by the class, and a peer assessment exercise selected this one as the best overall site. I was impressed by the detail, and the way the students selected information from the standard Google Earth layers as well as the overlay information provided. The students also make links to previous learning.

google earth placemarkdownload the new hospital placemark

Worldwide Panorama

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Jan 262006

A colleague suggested to me yesterday that my San Francisco earthquake planning lesson needed some images to help those students who found it hard to visualize the city solely from Google Earth imagery.

By happy coincidence, on the same day, Google Earth Blog highlighted the latest additions to the Worldwide Panorama. This is a huge collection of high quality Virtual Reality panoramas. A Google Earth file is available here with links to whole collection. Quick Time is needed to view the images. It’s an essential addition to a geographer’s My Places folder.
San Francisco panorama
I have added links to a few of the panoramas in the latest addition of the San Francisco project file

Visualizing a safer San Francisco with Google Earth

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Dec 282005

On this page I show how Google Earth can be employed to underpin a realistic decision-making process, acting as a comprehensive GIS that allows students of all abilities to analyse complex spatial data with ease. Overlays provide detailed information on population density, household income, liquefaction and landslide potential as well as underlying geology. In addition, students can draw on the native Google Earth layers such as 3D buildings, roads, railways, terrain and public buildings, to inform their decisions. There is plenty of scope for independent research, and students should be able to access the highest levels of achievement in both Geography and ICT.

San Francisco planning

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