Panoramic images in Google Earth

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Jan 152007

Digital Urban have published their tutorial for creating immersive panoramas. I made the short video below. There’s lots of potential for the classroom.

Video features a Banksy image from Digital Urban

The rest of this article is at Juicy Geography Google Earth blog

Jan 032007

2007 celebrations in 3D
Thanks to Ewan of Edu.blogs for this post about 3D panoramas of New Year celebrations around the globe. He is right that they make superb viewing on an interactive whiteboard. I got students to work out the locations of some of the images using visual clues. The Dubai example is particularly good. The large number of Asians in the crowd make a starting point for discussing the situation of immigrant labour in a country where 73.9% of the population in the 15-64 age group is non-national. (source)

hongkong3d l

Panoramas for geography lessons

It all gets even better if you go to the Panoramas dk home page and start to explore. Try the drop down menu in the top right and prepare to be amazed by some of the potential. As a taster, have a look at this image of a weapon search in Rio de Janiero


One of my favourite sites, Digitally Distributed Environments, is at the forefront of this kind of technology. Dr Andy Smith has just published a 3D panorama of a suburban area. This is a brilliant settlement resource:

link to post I link to panorama

Panoramas inside Google Earth

Andy Smith of Digitally Distributed Environments has recently posted about a 3D panorama viewer for Google Earth that his team is developing.


Essentially the viewer allows you to fly into the 3D image which hovers above the actual location. There is a video that demonstrates the concept on the Digital Urban site and the viewer should be ready soon. It’s amazing stuff and I’m really hoping that I can get it working in my classroom, especially as a Digital Urban Flickr group has been set up to host panoramic images. Until now virtual fieldwork has been kind of uninspiring. How about one of Brick Lane Andy?

Worldwide Panorama

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Jan 262006

A colleague suggested to me yesterday that my San Francisco earthquake planning lesson needed some images to help those students who found it hard to visualize the city solely from Google Earth imagery.

By happy coincidence, on the same day, Google Earth Blog highlighted the latest additions to the Worldwide Panorama. This is a huge collection of high quality Virtual Reality panoramas. A Google Earth file is available here with links to whole collection. Quick Time is needed to view the images. It’s an essential addition to a geographer’s My Places folder.
San Francisco panorama
I have added links to a few of the panoramas in the latest addition of the San Francisco project file