May 202012

Year 7 were set the task of creating brand new Missions for Mission Explore. Here are some examples:

Selfless Bunny 3164: Crop Dancing 

Dew Drop Wishes

Find a field with very long grass or tall crops. Dance for a minute or longer.

Verbal Walrus 3176 “Back to Childhood”


Ask your mum / dad / carer if you can go out on the weekend with them. Tell them you want to go to a place that you have never been to before, somewhere that they went as a child. Explore the new place. Well done. You have just turned Space into Place!

Reliable Burro 3174 and Positive Ibex 3150 both suggested  going out for a short walk and keep a list of all the different trees you see.

Gentle Dog 3138 had a specific place in mind when she suggested “Learn to read rocks” It’s easy to forget that fossils and geology can have a powerful influence on the imagination…

Ladram Bay

Go to Ladram Bay to see the cliffs. See if you can find the fault lines and think about what might have caused them.

Cheerful Rabbit 3131, a potential member of the Cloud Appreciation Society suggested “Daydreamer”

Spring is Here....

Look up at the sky and try and find shapes in the clouds. Take a picture and make a cloud booklet of 20 pictures you have taken.

Good Peccary 3143 volunteered “Mime a river”  We haven’t done any work on erosion yet, but I would normally do a spot of erosion kung fu, so her suggestion is somewhat prescient…

River Stones 3

Go to a river and mime what is happening under the water.

We’ve looked at waterfalls in a recent lesson and watched some video footage from Angel Falls. Logical Marten 3149 thought it would be fun to  “Find the smallest waterfall in the world” and take a picture. I agree.

Loyal Mink 3152’s suggestion “Bug Life” is inspired by recycling…


Create a bug house after finding 5 woodlice. The house must use sticks, leaves earth and an item you have recycled.

This is just a sample of the early suggestions and I’m hoping that some may make it to the public Mission Explore site. In the meantime…

‘But where are your lesson objectives?’

‘I don’t know Mr Lesson Inspector. We were trying to grasp at things we couldn’t possibly ever understand.’

Phil Beadle,  Dancing About Architecture (Independent Thinking) Amazon UK (not a sponsored link!)

Turning Space into Place

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May 132012

The title of a short presentation for Teachmeet Clevedon featuring students looking creatively at their local area, finding creative, playful and occasionally subversive responses to their surroundings. Witness the extremely incompetent presentation here, thanks to organizer Mark Anderson.

Turning Space into Place

Links to the first and second videos that are not embedded in the presentation.
Unfortunately I ran out of time during the Teachmeet to discuss Mission Explore in the depth that I wanted. Year 7 have been extremely receptive to the initiative and 60 students are members of our group Court Fields Guerrillas. I shall be devising some homework activities for the group to complete over the next few weeks and I look forward to seeing Guerrilla Geography occupying a place in our new KS3 curriculum.