Jan 212012

So Apple released iBooks Author and afterwards, nothing will be the same again (to paraphrase 70’s surf pic Big Wednesday.)

Apple have effectively handed textbook publishing over to everyone with a Mac and an iPad. Maybe one day there will be a cheaper tablet for education but there’s little doubt that a great many students now own, or can access an iPad and the stage is set for collaborative authoring projects such as the one I’ve started  below.

I’ve taken some of the best examples of student work from their GCSE homework Posterous blogs and begun to edit them into the first chapter of a revision book for the whole class. I added some references to our syllabus, subtitles and illustrations. Click on the image below to download the part-finished first chapter (requires iPad and iBooks 2.)

The Author is powerful, but extremely intuitive to use, and providing an iPad is plugged into to your computer, previews of the book are instantaneous.

I’m thrilled at the opportunities offered by this development and really interested to see what the reaction will be from the class when they discover that they are now textbook authors. I’d hope to see them taking the initiative to continue adding to the iBook over the rest of the course.