Jan 132006

This tour of fieldwork locations in Mid Wales illustrates how it is possible to tether placemark images in Google Earth so they float above the ground, yet connect to the surface with a line.

The file is designed to be played as a Tour with the terrain turned on.

To make the placemarks I used thumbnail images from a Flickr photoset downloaded to my computer. The placemarks include a link to the larger version of the image. I tethered the placemarks to the ground in order to improve the fly-through. The technique was especially useful where two images were taken in virtually identical locations such as at the edge of the tarn at Cwm Cau.

To add images as placemarks, click the “Advanced” checkbox in the Edit Placemark dialogue box. Add the image in the “Style” tab by browsing to it’s location in the Icon file/URL entry box. See image below:

Image placemarkClick to enlarge

To make the placemark float as a tethered image click the “Location” tab, select “Relative to ground” and move the slider to float the placemark at the desired altitude. If you want to tether it using a line to the ground, check the “Draw lines connecting points to ground” box. See image below:

Tethered placemarkClick to enlarge

Google Tours from contributors

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Jan 132006

I really appreciate the recent batch of files and comments that have been sent to Digital Geography.

Thanks to Val Vannet for sharing her excellent tour of Dundee which would be very useful as an urban landuse investigation.
download Dundee tour

Adam Lawson has sent a very interesting tour of some human and physical features of Bangladesh.
download Bangladesh tour

Tony Cassidy has put together a tour of his recent Japanese exchange trip.
download Japan tour

Thanks to you all.

Jan 062006

This is a short tour of examples of different types of farm in the UK. I’ve edited it to remove the spelling errors. The tour now returns to the overview after visiting each location in order to improve spatial understanding
Download google earth file

Once loaded, click the actual folder, and then the “play tour” button as shown on the screenshot below:

click to play tour

Jan 032006

Making “fly-throughs” or tours in Google Earth is relatively straightforward. You don’t need a paid version of the program and yet the results can be brilliant. Here is an example of a tour from the source of the Nile to the mouth.

Download Google Earth File “Nile Tour”

In order to play the tour, simply click on the unzipped folder (not the contents or the original zip file) when it appears in the Places window, and then click the play arrow as shown on the screenshot below:

Play tour

The method is fairly straightforward, simply create placemarks of the desired tour locations and save them in a new folder. Re-arrange the placemarks in the order they should appear before playing the tour.

With a long tour like my Nile example it might be necessary to preview the individual placemarks to cache them locally so that the presentation plays smoothly.

The method is described in much greater detail at Google Touring. You can share your tour on this site too.

Thanks to Rob Chambers for his original query!