Dec 312008

EveryTrail is one of my favourite iPhone Apps (related post) and the good news is that it now appears as an official layer in Google Earth (found in the Gallery layer) It’s a web-based application that lets you create and share journeys, along with associated stories and images.

EveryTrail round my block

EveryTrail round my block

I discovered a couple of my Trails in the layer that I created with my iPhone (download above example in Google Earth), though the pictures are (as expected) pretty dreadful.

It’s not necessary to use an iPhone – you can upload any .gpx file from a GPS device to create a trail. If you don’t have a GPS it’s no problem, simply mark a path on the map provided. You can import photos from a Flickr account, and if they’re geotagged, they’ll automatically show up in the right spot.

Sidmouth Flickr images

Sidmouth Flickr images

My Sidmouth photos in Every Trail

EveryTrail is a great option for fieldwork notes and images, and is quite simple enough for students to use independently. The ease with which trails can be created shared, displayed and seamlessly viewed with Google Earth make it a really great classroom application.

Goodbye Geobloggers, Hello Yuan.CC Maps

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Mar 142006

Sadly, Geobloggers is no more according to Ogle Earth. Perhaps, as someone has hopefully suggested on the Flickr forums, the Geobloggers code could be open-sourced. For those not aware, Geobloggers was a visionary application that located Flickr photos in Google Maps, and later in Google Earth too.

My favourite free alternative to Geobloggers was the GMiF Fire Fox extension which embeds Google Maps into Flickr. I welcome the latest development: Yuan. CC Maps. My geotagged Flickr photographs have a new home! It’s a really simple application that works beautifully, though not with Google Earth (yet?).
Yuan.CC Maps looks like this: (quite a big file)
yuan cc maps

In the meantime Itag offers a way to conveniently tag a location to Flickr photos, and by adding the FlickrFly script, the photgraph is viewable in Google Earth.

Mar 082006

Thanks to Ogle Earth for this post about a new tool for Google Earth.
ITag is a free application that lets you add locational information to your photographs using Google Earth.

Simply drag pictures into the application’s main window and geocode them by dropping a Google Earth placemark over them. It’s remarkably quick and simple, and there is the option to add the Flickr Fly script that I’ve previously mentioned, so that once the photograph is posted to Flickr, it’s possible to open it up directly in Google Earth from within Flickr.

Saunton evening

This file can be shared easily, and an example is posted below:

google earth placemark download .kmz file Saunton Evening

edited 22/8/08


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Jan 302006

This excellent little script is working again. Go to FlickrFly site.

Simply add a tiny snippet of code to a description of a geotagged photo in Flickr, and on clicking the newly created link, you fly to that location in Google Earth.

Here is an example of a photograph tagged with Flickr Fly Click “Fly to this location” to see the effect. You need Google Earth installed obviously!


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Jan 292006

Flyer is a great little web application to store in your bookmarks. Click this link to try it out. Basically it searches for geotagged images and displays them in Google Earth or a Google Map. You can search by title or tags. For example, typing the tag “landslide” should take you to some of my pictures at Charmouth.

The geotags for this location are a little inaccurate and when geoblogggers is back, I’ll sort them out.


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Nov 092005

I’m really impressed with the scripts at Yuan.CCV Web Experiments, especially the GMiF application. It adds a small button to the Flickr toolbar entitled Gmap. clicking this displays any photos you’ve geo-tagged directly in Google Maps. You can also add geo-tags to a photograph using the same tool and it’s incredibly quick and user friendly.


Simply click the Gmap button and then select the desired location by pointing and clicking on the map. With one further click you can add a description and comment as well as geo-tags, and the script even pings Geobloggers for you, so the photos show up straight away on that site.

Now you could easily use the Geobloggers interface to create a file to display your pictures in Google Earth.
An absolutely superb tool for adding value to photographs in the geography classroom.

Geotagging with Google Earth

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Sep 112005

Geobloggers has been overhauled with lots more features. One of the best is the ability to edit the position of geotagged pictures simply by using a drag and drop icon. It’s easier to link directly to Geobloggers images and the results can also be viewed in Google Earth by downloading a .kml file from the search results output dialogue. Why stop there? Geobloggers now lets you tag the location of notes, links, audio and video files! As an example of the use of notes and links, have a look at my local surfing spots. To see them in Google Earth, simply go to the search results window, click Toggle “Link To…” and Data Feeds Links and then the Google Earth icon. This picture shows some of my recent photos viewed as thumbnails in Google Earth with a slight vertical exaggeration to the terrain. Kerry with geotagged photos View my geotagged pictures at Geobloggers. or alternatively use the Google Earth feed, as described above. To simplify the process of geotagging photos, this time using Google Earth to locate the position, Steeev has developed yet another brilliant script. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow and once the necessary user scripts have been installed, (remember to disable any other scripts you may have been using to geotag photos) the process is extremely quick.