Goodbye Geobloggers, Hello Yuan.CC Maps

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Mar 142006

Sadly, Geobloggers is no more according to Ogle Earth. Perhaps, as someone has hopefully suggested on the Flickr forums, the Geobloggers code could be open-sourced. For those not aware, Geobloggers was a visionary application that located Flickr photos in Google Maps, and later in Google Earth too.

My favourite free alternative to Geobloggers was the GMiF Fire Fox extension which embeds Google Maps into Flickr. I welcome the latest development: Yuan. CC Maps. My geotagged Flickr photographs have a new home! It’s a really simple application that works beautifully, though not with Google Earth (yet?).
Yuan.CC Maps looks like this: (quite a big file)
yuan cc maps

In the meantime Itag offers a way to conveniently tag a location to Flickr photos, and by adding the FlickrFly script, the photgraph is viewable in Google Earth.


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Jan 302006

This excellent little script is working again. Go to FlickrFly site.

Simply add a tiny snippet of code to a description of a geotagged photo in Flickr, and on clicking the newly created link, you fly to that location in Google Earth.

Here is an example of a photograph tagged with Flickr Fly Click “Fly to this location” to see the effect. You need Google Earth installed obviously!

Jan 242006

I’m rapidly talking myself into getting a smartphone. Not just for the live GPS tracking (see previous post), but because of concepts like Semapedia. In essence, Semapedia is about tagging real world locations with internet-based information, via a mobile phone. This could be a great (and highly subversive) fieldwork activity. Ogle Earth has posted an interesting article about Semapedia, together with a link to a Google Earth file for viewing some of the recently tagged locations.

I’ve printed out my first Semapedia tags – can you guess where they are going?

update 29/1/06 – I’ve just addded my first Semipedia tagged image to Flickr. The image is also tagged with the Flickr Fly script – see this page for more details