Dress for the climate: exemplar work by Simon (Year 8)

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Nov 092011

I really liked this piece of work by Simon. He looked up the climate graphs of the locations mentioned, then described the climate and designed appropriate clothes. It’s an old activity from Juicy Geography, but it always gets good results and I enjoyed his take on the activity!

CLIMATE by Simon

Interpreting climate graphs

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Oct 062010

This week I’m republishing an old post that featured theĀ Interactive Climate Map. I’ve used it this week with Year 8 in conjunction with with a simple activity that I’ve written up on Juicy Geography


Students interpret climate graphs, and then design an appropriate costume based on the data in the graph. I sold it as a kind of Project Geography Catwalk and it’s been very successful once again.

Jan 302007

This interactive world map simply pops up a climate graph as the mouse is rolled over the hotspots. How useful is that?

climate map

It’s a simple and effective idea for introducing students to climate graphs.

Guides to graph drawing with Excel (inlcuding a suggested method for producing climate graphs) can be found at Learning and Teaching Scotland.