Dec 222008

Until recently the simplest option for getting charts into Google Earth was Frank Macree’s Google Chart builder, but it no longer works (except in the Mac version of Google Earth) due to a Flash security update? The alternatives have been  GE Graph – which is a little too complicated for younger students, but produces superb prism type geo-located graphs, and online spreadsheets that can publish charts such as Google Spreadsheets, however these require an account, and therefore can be impractical in the classroom.

The solution would seem to be Rich Chart Live – as mentioned by Simon Renshaw at the SLN forum and Doug Belshaw at elearnr. This web – based app is free to use and doesn’t even require registration. Just choose a chart style, paste some data from an Excel sheet into a Flash form and tweak some settings. The output from  Rich Chart Live is embeddable – as seen in this rather silly example:

 The embed code works in Google Earth placemarks:
Rich Chart Live inside Google Earth

google link Download Google Earth file



I’ve updated two key articles that refer to charts in Google Earth to reflect the discovery of Rich Chart Live:

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