Jan 142014

Via Alan Parkinson, I came across the work of Simon Jones whose Slideshare contains a great selection of presentations that combine cutting edge “pedageography” with professional design skill.

Better PowerPoint design has been a recurring theme from bloggers that don’t have to teach a full timetable but the simplicity of Simon’s design language has inspired me to think again about my own resources and I began with a re-work of an old lesson about the issue of ageing population…

There was a dramatic improvement in engagement with the new resource which I think was partly down to the improved design, or maybe I just had a little more confidence in my delivery with better support from the visuals?

I really look forward to see how Simon’s new business venture will turn out. I’ll be subscribing that’s for sure! Follow Simon Jones on Twitter to keep up to date with his work which includes the new Vimeo channel Geography Soup and a sister resource on Slideshare.

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