Jan 292014

We’ve had a bit of a wall-based revolution in recent months as we’ve emerged from the spectre of Special Measures. Student work seems to have been deprecated in favour of attractive and colourful but rather uniform creations that focus on achievement and motivational photos of kids at work. This isn’t a criticism at all, but I thought it would be nice to take the initiative back in my own room at least and hand responsibility for display over to the students. Suspecting that too much independence wasn’t likely to achieve the new corporate standards, I got the students to commission the media resources officer to make the display to their specifications. This is the result…


The finished display incorporates a variety of contributions from every student in the class. The Wordle element aggregates a homework task, and other items include haiku poems, creative writing and Google Earth 3D modelling. Some volunteered additional work in the form of extended writing and poems that were  of exceptional standard. The display was completed with the addition of miniature photographs of the student’s heads which they placed on their favourite part of the work.


The overall result is a display of really high quality work to which the students feel a real sense of attachment. There is no mention of levels, or indeed any written feedback from me at all.
I used the slides below in a short teach meet type presentation about the display for staff.