Oct 172013

I mumbled through a presentation on marking at the inaugural Taunton Teachmeet last night, still somewhat shell-shocked from a day of HMI. Here’s the presentation I used. I forgot to mention that one of the main justifications for this approach to marking (which I’ve been trialing for a while) is that it avoids the issue of students focusing exclusively on grades, rather than my carefully crafted, formative comments. I also neglected to say that students have their own assessment record sheet on which they record their grade and the main target for improvement. For what it’s worth the strategy seemed to sit well with an inspector-type recently. As noted in the credits, the whole marking strategy is a synthesis of ideas from a number of other people, particularly Alex Quigley, Tom Sherrington and Joe Kirby, and quite possibly David Didau.

Finally, congratulations to Bob Ayres at Bishop Foxes for hosting an excellent event.


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