Mar 122013

There’s been some brilliant outcomes from the somewhat vague homework instruction to sum up recent learning about coastal landforms and processes as a plate of food.

Kai went down the traditional cake route, we ate Matt’s tasty  rotational slumping Victoria Sponge in the lesson and Laura demonstrated many variations of Coast Toast.

Here’s Emma’s brilliant idea… from her new blog.

Georgia was a little more forthright with her plate of baked potato and sausage

sausage stack
I’ll add a link with some other examples as they appear online. The students are currently switching over to WordPress from Posterous.

I think it would be right and proper to credit Tony Cassidy who’s pioneering work with Angel Cake laid the mashed potato foundation for sausage stacks. Anarchic home educator friend, Mark Tanner took things even further with electrically conductive, edible circuit boards (part of his masterplan to teach 4 year olds to eat the rich?)

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