Feb 172013

I’d lost a video I made several years ago to introduce my Safer City GIS activity. I’ve just rewritten this but probably won’t be sharing the new version to prevent more of this kind of thing… (though at last a credit has been added.) Anyway it’s good to see the video back again in all it’s embarrassing, Kenny Loggins enhanced glory, as I’ve had a lot of requests over the past few years.

Comic Relief have also been in touch over the Rich and Famous in the Slums video that I edited and uploaded to YouTube two years ago. Several people have asked me what happened to the video, and the charity have been kind enough to explain the reasons why it can’t be posted online (which were far from obvious in the initial, rather terse takedown notice they sent me.) Here’s the official statement from Aleks at Comic Relief…


The Famous, Rich and in the Slums programme was created in collaboration with an external production company in order to communicate serious messages and raise as much money as possible. The contributors to the documentary allowed their lives to be filmed in order to help us do this on the condition that it should only be used by Comic Relief in the UK. We therefore cannot allow the programme to be uploaded onto websites like YouTube.

If you would like a copy of Famous, Rich and in the Slums to use educationally within your classroom then we can post you a copy to use on the understanding that it is only used for educational purposes and will not be uploaded onto the internet.  As we are a charity we kindly ask that you consider donating £10-£15 for a copy which will go towards helping projects such as the ones seen in the programme. You can do so at www.comicrelief.com/donate

Best wishes,

Aleks Leimanis
School & Youth manager
Comic Relief

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