Jan 112013

Please take a second to answer the question I’ve set my year 9 class. Thanks to all those who’ve already contributed.

My Year 9 class is finishing off a sequence of lessons on the topic of population. To wrap things up, I’ve divided the class into groups and asked them to research the question of whether the world is overpopulated or not.

During the register I showed the class a similar graph to  one that featured in the first lesson. They had to figure out the translation from the Polish original.
We had a brief discussion about the concept of ecological footprints and carrying capacity (though I didn’t use that term) We calculated the ecological footprint of a member of the class.
I asked the question ‘Is the Earth overpopulated?” explaining that I had no idea what the answer was. The groups could answer the question in whatever format they choose, though I stressed the need for their opinion to be supported by facts.
To help them settle quicker, and to force a little accountability, I created some roles with badges made with the Big Huge Labs tool. Access to computers was restricted in order to encourage groups to devise more thoughtful questions for the Researcher.

Fortuitously, David Didau has been pondering on effective group work as I wrote this. I’ll refresh the post once the work is complete.

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