Nov 012012

A demonstration of how easy it is to use pre-made SketchUp models from the 3D warehouse to augment Google Earth. I’ve mentioned this idea before. The rationale is to get students thinking more creatively in decision making exercises, environmental impact assessments etc. by incorporating Google Earth imagery and other data into the learning.

An imaginary quarry redevelopment on the Isle of Portland

The activity allows some interesting “what if”? hypothesising. The Burj Dubai in Wellington, Somerset for example…

The point to be made is that it’s not necessary to have much more than a basic grasp of SketchUp, though I’ve found that some students will not be able to resist improving their skills in 3D design once they have been introduced to the software.

Scribd has done it’s usual hatchet job on the notes, but they also be downloaded here.

Creating Virtual landscapes in Google Earth and SketchUp.doc

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