Sep 172011

I re-discovered the excellent Guardian Datablog during the reporting of the summer riots. I was particularly interested in the correlation between the addresses of rioters and poverty as measured by the IMD.

The Indices of Deprivation attempt to measure a broad concept of ‘multiple deprivation’, made up of several distinct dimensions, or domains, of deprivation. The data is based on 38 separate indicators across seven domains: Income, Employment, Health and Disability, Education Skills and Training, Barriers to Housing and Other Services, Crime and Living Environment. source

In terms of classroom practicalities, the most convenient way of accessing the data seems to be to follow the link to the data source  Click on Visualize and Map to view in full screen. It should be possible to use the data in Google Earth. There is a  KML network link but I haven’t been able to make it work yet. Has anyone been successful?

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