Sep 232010

A new term, a new resolution to get back into sharing stuff, and a little time to explore some recent online resources. Let’s kick off with…


BBC Dimensions is all about illustrating the scale of events, places and objects by creating overlays over interactive maps of the local neighbourhood. For example, the pressing question as to how much of the school grounds would be swallowed up by one sweep of a deep sea trawler’s net is answered thusly:


Other overlays juxtapose events such as the Gulf oil spill, the Bhopal chemical accident and the Chernobyl radiation leak in an immediate and compelling way. RE teachers can demonstrate the distance covered by pupils if they walked the route of Hajj Pilgrimage in the local area, while lessons on WW2 might be enhanced with an illustration of the blast radius of a German SC500 bomb landing on the classroom. History, Science RE and Geography curricular links will be obvious.

I worry that being a prototype, this fantastic visualisation tool will be quietly sidelined next time there’s a round of budget cuts, so if you find it useful, it might be worth leaving feedback for the developers.

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