Aug 272009

Today my dad and I went on adventure. We were historian explorers for a day and we visited a Royal Observer Corps post. ROC posts are bunkers underneath the ground used during the Cold War; they are just like bomb shelters in World War Two. Here is some more information. The  ROC post’s usually occur in the middle of isolated fields, they have barbed wire fencing protecting them and they look like mini submarines. They are coated in green paint for disguise. It took us a while to find the post, but when we did it felt like Narnia. We climed down a long ladder, which took you about ten feet below the ground and there it was, a room with a bed, a sink, a fire blanket sign and what I think was an air raid siren. It was such a good feeling after going down there. I have to confess, I wasn’t too keen on going down after seeing all the big hairy spiders; well lets just say that I’m not exactly a big fan of them. And what a better way to end such an exciting day by having some cheese and toast at a local cafe. I would definitly recomend it to you (not the cheese and toast but going to see the ROC posts I mean). If you like to explore and you like your history, go and hunt for some ROC posts. Here are some photos to show you what it looked like.

Laura 🙂

Thanks Laura for writing this guest post and for taking the great pictures. Are there any ROC posts near you? Download this Google Earth file (there will be 😉