Mar 172009

I’ve been meaning to make this film for ages. It’s a simple time-lapse of a day in my classroom. My camera was mounted on a tripod and I used a fisheye lens to capture the whole room. The 700 photos were batch resized in seconds using an Apple Automator script and the film was made instantly in Quick Time Pro. I added the music in iMovie.

a day in the life of my classroom from Noel Jenkins on Vimeo.

The day started with a free period, so I’m on the computer doing some SEN reviews. I taught a lesson on floods to my year 7, then it’s break. Afterwards it’s my GCSE class doing a case study of Darfur, followed by Year 8s looking at different volcanoes. Lunch time is spent with the camera club then it’s registration and a final year 7 lesson.