Jan 182009

Here’s a sampler of some new ideas I’ve been developing as part of an online resource to support the new GCSE AQA syllabus A.

Students are presented with an actual brownfield site in Google Earth, together with an imaginary development plan, represented as extruded polygons. They can demolish the buildings and create their own versions, or just edit the exemplar files.

Brownfield redevelopment - what would you do?

Brownfield redevelopment - what would you do?

To demonstrate their understanding of the principles of sustainable urban redevelopment, students edit the KML with ideas on how the buildings can be used. More able students will refer specifically to the socio-economic geography and environment of Shoreditch to justify their ideas.

The actual resource contains a detailed KML file and lots of supporting files including images, panoramas and video, as well as an extended webquest style teaching activity. I hope to be able to publish a couple of exemplars here in due course.

The aim is to create an alternative to standard textbook-type questions, while promoting independent enquiry, creativity and spatial thinking.

In the meantime, Digital Geography is in a minor hiatus while I endeavour to meet the deadlines!