Nov 022008

there are notes in boxes that are empty
every room has an accessible history
every place has emotional attachments you can open and save
you can search for sadness in new york

The predictions of the HeadMap Manifesto (recently made available for downloading again) are becoming reality with the onset of location-aware mobile phones. I was recently directed to by Mapperz and was really impressed by the concept of geolocated voices (the echosphere).

Here’s a Woice from my daughter. We’re going to complete a few more from this location. It’s a poem she wrote as an eight year-old visiting Race Track Playa. She left a copy in a kettle at TeaKettle junction!

More from Woices…

An echo is an audio record that is attached to a physical real-world location or object. Echoes are words, left by one person at some precise place, that can be listened to by anyone, as if their author was still there. Echoes can speak about any topic and respond to any user’s purpose. They can speak about local history, art, curiosities, personal memories, and so on. Just something you think its worth to leave that may make the world a more interesting place.
What is the echosphere?

The echosphere is the new virtual space spanned by all echoes left by people. Surrounding earth (and you), the echosphere contains all echoes and can be accessed through your computer or mobile phone.

The site implies that there will be an iPhone client on it’s way. There is a special mobile phone optimized page to access echoes quickly via an ecode. The ecode could be printed off and left at a real location for others to listen to – similar in concept to Yellow Arrow

UK teachers as usual, are very quick off the mark to spot the potential. Tom Barrett has written an inspiring post on how he intends to make Woices part of his digital storytelling project at his primary school. Tricia has created an example of a walk along the Thames. I’m going to use Woices next time I do a local enquiry.

I’ll update the post when we’ve completed our Death Valley walk.

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