Nov 172008

Thanks to Lorraine Leo for passing on information about Sites Alive where Skipper Rich Wilson shares his voyage of the Vendee Globe with students. The Vendée Globe is a round-the-world single-handed yacht race, sailed non-stop and without assistance. Somewhat fortuitously, I was teaching latitude and longitude with Year 7 today and thinking back to 2005 when we followed Ellen Macarthur’s world-beating circumnavigation from start to finish. She’s not taking part in the Vendee Globe, so we’re all behind Rich Wilson, not least because Sites Alive offers a really good teachers guide along with photos, videos and lots of other resources. Following an ocean race is a great way to teach latitude and longitude, as well as a host of related environmental and geographical issues.

More patriotic UK teachers might choose to pledge allegiance to Dee Caffari who can be followed here

Dee Caffari's boat "Aviva"

Dee Caffari

Maybe we should have a pupil vote in case we get sued by parents? Or maybe I’ll get half the class to follow Rich and the others Dee!