Oct 232008

I’ve reposted (with permission) a recent message to the blog from Jamie Woolley of Greenpeace.

I thought you might be interested in a new Google Earth letter I’ve just
launched, which is following Greenpeace’s ship the Esperanza, as she carries out environmental campaign work, (and created with the Spreadsheet Mapper).

Download it from here, most of the content it features originates on our blog http://forest4climate.wordpress.com

I’m on board and we’re currently sailing from New Guinea on our way to Jakarta.
The purpose of this trip and the campaign as a whole is to highlight the
importance of forests in efforts to tackle climate change and the threats posed
to Indonesia’s remaining forests from logging and palm oil plantations. We’re
documenting what we find along the way, both the magnificence of the forests
which are still standing in this fascinating part of the world and the rampant
deforestation happening right now. But it’s also about how we can protect these
forests, both for the amazing cultures and biodiversity they harbour but also as
a vital buffer against climate change.

Indonesia is the third largest greenhouse gas emitter in the world and that’s
largely down to deforestation, so what happens to the forests affects not just
local communities (whose traditional rights are being trampled on in the rush
to make money), but everyone on the planet. That’s why Greenpeace is investing
so much time and resources into this trip, and the international make-up of the
crew (including Indonesians, Russians, Argentinians, German and Papua New
Guineans) reflects the global concern around what’s happening here.

I’m posting from the ship and over the next few weeks we’ll be travelling the
length of Indonesia to see exactly what the state of play is. If you’d like any
more information or would like to use any images, please drop me a line (we’re
GMT +9).

We also have a blog running in Bahasa Indonesian
(http://www.forestforclimate.wordpress.com/) and we’re also on Twitter

cheers –


PS The Google Maps version is here

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