Sep 132008

I spent a day with Google in London yesterday. Ollie Bray has already blogged the meeting which saves me the effort, as the sun is out and I’m off to the beach.

The Google education team are committed to supporting and encouraging teachers to make better use of their software. One of the the most exciting proposals was to extend the Google Teacher Academy to the UK. The Geo Education site will also grow in the future, possibly emulating the Earth Gallery?  Jamie Buchan Dunlop of Digital Explorer described his brilliant efforts to train UK teachers in practical applications of Google Earth to fieldwork, and imagined some exiting futures for the software. Richard Treves from Southampton University contributed a really thought-provoking presentation that reinforced the need for a basic set of teaching principles and finished with his manifesto for a New Cartography, quoting Ed Parsons who was present. Unfortunately my Mac refused to connect to the projector, somewhat reducing the impact of my  presentation, which basically covered the Juicy Geography agenda.

Some exciting times ahead as Google explore how best to support teachers. The new API for Google Earth that Frank Taylor mentions here, extends the possibility of a range of  educational web-based Google Earth applications.

Milk Truck

I can’t imagine the geography classroom without the Milk Truck!

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