Dec 032006

Brilliant video from Eric Prydz, sampling Pink Floyd with great sequences of free-running and other street sports. And then there’s the message! Via Tony Cassidy.

Downloading from You Tube
Like most teachers, I have to contend with the filtering of You Tube at work. The solution is fairly simple, just follow the download link at the top of the You Tube page to get the video, and rename the downloaded file with a .flv extension. Next, get the free FLV Player from here and be grateful to Martijn de Visser for this great little application (which you obviously need to install secretly in school!)

Update 6/12/06
The Proper Education video has sadly disappeared from YouTube.
Tony Cassidy offers a video tutorial on Riva Encoder, a free application that allows you to convert You Tube flash video into other formats. The advantage is obvious, as pointed out by Ollie Bray – there’s no need for additional software installation at school.

Update 11/12/06
It’s back again!

link to video if you can’t see it above