Nov 162006

Two exciting new overlays to report.

Firstly, Maplecroft Maps have sent an email to their users announcing that a selection of their excellent maps are available for Google Earth. Great news as the screenshot of the world AIDS data shows:

maplecroft AIDS
World AIDS data

Meanwhile Frank Taylor and Barry Hunter offer a network link to display the shiny Blue Marble imagery from NASA that dramatically improves the initial look of Google Earth. Added is a link to the near real-time global cloud data. This layer uses the new alttiude feature of Google Earth 4, so you can zoom in past the clouds on your way to the surface. Truly a great network link. Frank hopes that the Google team will implement an official version soon. It makes me slightly worried for the vast number of schools who are constrained by hardware to the older version of Google Earth. Hopefully Google won’t withdraw version 3 any time soon. Head immediately to Google Earth Blog for the network link!

Blue Marble
Blue Marble and Global Clouds

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