Oct 072006

Microclimate data in Google Earth
I’m very grateful to Tom Biebrach of Pencoed School for sharing his microclimate study that employs Google Earth extremely effectively.

microclimate click to enlarge

Tom’s school is portrayed in high resolution, and his local study makes use of a variety of ICT techniques to plot microclimate data. GPS was used to fix positions for the measurements, the data was processed by GPS visualizer into Google Earth placemarks. The placemarks link to videos of the students involved in their fieldwork. The temperature data is charted using GE Graph and finally Tom created simple outlines of the school buildings by drawing polygons over the footprints in the image and then extruding them to appropriate heights (note that this requires Google Earth Plus or Pro.)

This is a brilliant demonstration of digital geography and the original file is available here for download.

Atlas Gloves proved extremely popular at our Open Evening this week as visitors raced to find landmarks such as Big Ben in Google Earth using nothing but a pair of illuminated ping pong balls.

atlas2  atlas1

Atlas Gloves is an alternative interface for Google Earth and well worth investigating. See my previous post. It is particularly effective on a whiteboard with the user standing some distance away from the webcam. I’m happy to provide further details of installation if required.

Wikimapia network link
Finally, as previously reported, Wikimapia is the quickest way of adding user generated data to Google Maps – a great idea for a local study and now a network link is available for Google Earth.
Thanks to Google Earth blog for this news!