Aug 152006

Apparently if I install Windows Live Writer (which I’ve just done), and configure it to post to my WordPress blog (yup) I should be able to add Live Local maps as part of the post.

OK so here goes the first attempt. There should be a map of my favourite fishing spot appearing below:

Click to view at Live Local

Right, I’m clicking Publish now – can’t wait to see how badly mangled my WordPress page is…

Update (moments later…)

Gosh it’s worked really well. Clicking the image above takes you to the actual Live Local map. My customized WordPress theme seems to have remained intact, however I notice that the page no longer validates. For some reason this has always been quite important to me, however I’ll leave the offending code in for now.

I like this feature. Several colleagues have started geography classroom blogs, my favourite being Val Vannets’ production Geography: My Place and Yours I can see Live Writer being used a lot for this kind of teacher blog.

Thanks to Doug Belshaw’s microblog for the heads-up.