Aug 292006

SketchUp has seen a number of important changes since being acquired by Google. Rather excitingly, model buildings can be downloaded from 3D warehouse to save the efort of creating one’s own. The model can then be located in Google Earth as part of an urban studies assignment. For example, where in London would students choose to place this football stadium?

Model by Matty GTFC download from 3D Warehouse

Simply download the model from 3D warehouse and open in SketchUp. Start Google Earth and zoom in to the desired location for the model. Return to the SketchUp window and click the Get Current View button.
get current view

The model can then be exported to the desired location using the Place Model button
place model

Return to Google Earth to see the model. Depending on whether terrain is turned on or off, the model could be floating in space or buried deep underground. To fix this, simply right click on the model entry in the Places tab and select Properties to open the Edit Model dialogue. Click on the altitude tab and adjust the slider to place the model correctly.

locating 3d modelclick to enlarge

The whole procedure is remarkably straightforward, yet the learning task could be quite complex, leading to discussion of the environmental social and economic consequences of the decison.

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