Aug 152006

With the release of version 4 of Google Earth my mouse mats (see previous post) required upgrading. I’ve created a couple more visual guides for the latest version. They are a little simpler; I’ve focussed on the main functions that I need my own students to be able to accomplish quickly. These include searching for places, basic navigation, turning placemarks and layers on and off and playing tours. I also need them to be able to create and describe placemarks, vital for some of the Google Earth lessons that I’ve written.

As before, the visual guides are in Word format, the idea is to print them off and laminate them back to back.

Guide to simple navigation:

word doc Click the image to open in Word

Guide to creating a placemark:

word doc Click the image to open in Word

Update 21/8/06
Hello readers of Google Earth Blog!

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