Aug 132006

Cullompton, England

Following on from the last post describing the miraculous Explore Our, I’ve been amazed to discover how easy it is to create a Google Earth network link that locates recent Digital Geography posts on Google Earth. Notice that I’ve started this post with my location? This ensures that the network link below will harvest the post and display it in Google Earth.

google earth placemark network link for Digital Geography

Instructions come from a great post by Gerado64 at the Google Earth Community

What’s going on is that the RSS feed from this blog is being converted to GeoRSS by the Geonames service Geonames examines the feed to see if it can pick out any place names. Should a place be identified, Geonames looks up the latitude and longitude, then encodes this into the RSS feed. It’s obviously not perfect, a post about Jack London for example would locate the gnarly author in Oxford Street rather than the Klondike, though clever disambiguation technology helps Geonames make an intelligent guess at the context of the place name. Explore Our is helping to improve the natural language geocoder with a feature that lets you pass feedback to the geonames server.