Jan 192006

Thanks to Ogle Earth, I discovered that the service provided by 3D Tracking.net will allow live tracking of students on a Google Map.

A child could be outside the classroom conducting a fieldwork experiment, while their location is fed back live to the rest of the group. There could be scope for various kinaesthetic activities based around maps – what is the straightest / quickest / most scenic route between places? for example. I’ve sought advice from the company who tell me that the quickest way into the world of live tracking is via a secondhand mobile phone like the Nokia 6600 from a well-known auction site and a Bluetooth GPS receiver from the same source. Initial calculations suggest that the total outlay could be around £100.00 – £120.00

There was a recent and rather short-lived discussion on the value of mobiles at SLN recently! Maybe this thread could be extended in light of this development.

I’m intent on trying this out, but its been pointed out to me that I need to have some slightly more focussed ideas as to the educational value before committing to a hardware purchase. That’s never stopped me before, and I do need a new phone…