Jan 222006

Earlier last week the BBC reported a “dramatic rescue” of fossil hunters, cut off on a rising tide by a large landslide in the unstable Jurassic cliffs at Charmouth, Dorset, UK.

I have made an animation to explain the cause of the slump, or at least, what I think happened!

charmouthclick the image to run the animation

The animation is made in Koolmoves. I really like this program, it’s much easier than Flash to learn, and it’s very good value for money. Some more of my animations may be found here.

I visited the site of the landslide to take some photographs, which can be seen at Flickr.


More information about the Jurassic coast here. Southampton University have a number of pages devoted to the geology of the region and this site has some useful visualizations about the mass movement processess operating locally. Fossil hunters might be interested in a description of the fossil-bearing strata and field guide found here.