Dec 282005

This is the second idea for using a hand-held GPS in a classroom.

Get the students in small groups to draw out a word or phrase on graph paper. They convert the word to vectors, for example North 20m, South 10m, West 10m, South 10m. They can use the GPS to try and follow each other’s co-ordinates and discover the original words as they are revealed on the GPS “bread-crumb” track display. This idea might be a bit fiddly with a GPS without an electronic compass.

A variation on this idea would be to get students to walk around a large open space to create huge virtual words in the GPS tracklog. These can be uploaded into Easy GPS, edited and saved as a GPX file, and from there into Google Earth or Google Maps, via GPS Visualizer

Download Google Earth example file
google earth graffiti

This idea is still rather conceptual! I need to tie it into some actual learning objectives. Observing your virtual graffiti from space is quite cool though.

Update 30/4/06 I’ve found the GPS Drawing web site, which takes the whole concept further.